Software Consultancy

Software Consultancy

Aman Computers has over 16 years of experience specializing into Project Management, Process Automation and Software Implementation.

Software’s conceptualized and designed by us are being used successfully by over 2000 customers across India.

Aman Computers covers various areas of Project Management, Process Automation & Software Implementation.

  • Analyze Plan and Manage Risks
  • Budget Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Quality Management & Control
  • Schedule Management


  • Use cutting-edge program management techniques to evaluate your organization's maturity level
  • Build upon your organization's existing structure by setting up new processes and procedures, using our uniquely successful project management methodology
  • Help you pick the best program management software tools for the types of programs you manage


Help you

  • Establish decision making criteria for process transparency
  • Write Program Plans
  • Create Program Schedules
  • Develop Risk Plans
  • Develop Program Reports
  • Formulate program budgets and oversee execution
  • Improve Communication
  • Create performance management plans and measure results throughout the Life-cycle
  • Assure activities comport with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Adjust strategies and tactics based on the impact of external events